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These neat little aluminium tins are perfect for keeping your solid shampoo bar or solid conditioner bar safe when out and about. Made from aluminium with a simple screw top lid, the tins are lightweight and won't rust. They're just the right size to fit the round Soul & Soap bars.


The travel tins are ideal for transporting your shampoo and conditioner bars, whether you're heading off on holiday or just to the gym. The screw top tins will keep your bars safe and dry in your bag. In addition, using the travel tins instead of packing lots of bottles of toiletries is so much neater and saves space in your luggage. Plus there's also no risk of a bottle of shampoo leaking all over your clothes!


The travel tins are also great for storing your shampoo or conditioner bars between uses when at home, keeping them clean and free from dust. Note that the tins do not drain, so make sure that the bars have had time to dry before storing them in the tin for long periods.


Solid shampoo bars and conditioner bars are available to purchase separately in our store.



Dimensions: 65mm x 25mm

Materials: aluminium

Screw lid

Readily recyclable

Plastic free





Travel Tin


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