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Large laundry bag made from recycled cotton waste


This large cotton laundry bag is sturdy, breathable and completely plastic free. Its two strong handles make it comfortable to carry even when full, while its flat base allows it to stand up by itself, making it easy to fill. 


It's ideal for sorting and transporting your laundry whether at home, on holiday or in student halls.


Its capacious size and sturdy construction also makes this large cotton bag the perfect beach bag for carrying all your gear for a day at the seaside, or for packing a picnic in the park.


The laundry bag packs down flat for storage, but once opened out its generous size (53 x 34 x 30cm) can swallow surprising quantities of not just laundry, but also toys, shoes, linens, etc, helping you to keep your home clutter free.


Made of unbleached waste cotton, its neutral colour means that it can be used as a smart storage bag which will coordinate with any colour scheme.


Care of the laundry bag

Machine washable at 40 degrees, the cotton laundry bag can be used over and over again. Air dry the bag after washing - do not tumble dry.


Being washable and sturdily made, the laundry bag should give you many years of faithful use, but when it has outlived its usefulness, the material can be repurposed, or else shredded and allowed to biodegrade. 



100% recycled waste cotton

Dimensions (open): 53cm x 34cm x 30cm 

Dimensions (folded): 35cm x 17.5cm x 2cm

Holds up to 40kg

Unbleached cotton

Plastic free


Ethically made in Tamil Nadu, India

Cotton Laundry Bag


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