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Reduce your energy usage and soften your clothes by using these wool dryer balls with extra cute sheep faces in your tumble dryer. They work exactly the same as our plain wool tumble dryer balls, but they're just that bit more fun!


The wool dryer balls speed up drying time by separating items within your tumble dryer and preventing them from clumping together. This improves airflow so that your dryer works more efficiently and your clothes dry more evenly and with fewer wrinkles. Using the wool dryer balls in your tumble dryer reduces drying time by up to 25%, thus saving on your energy bills.


When it comes to softening clothes and reducing static cling, the wool dryer balls are a cost-effective and sustainable alternative to liquid fabric conditioners and dryer sheets. They are also quieter and more gentle on clothes than plastic dryer balls!


Made from 100% premium wool with no artificial fibres or added chemicals, the dryer balls are suitable for people with sensitive skin and for baby clothes.


The sheep dryer balls come in a set of three in an unbleached cotton bag, and are about the size of a tennis ball. The dryer balls are hand felted so there is some slight variance in size and shape (and cuteness).


How to use

Put your wet laundry in the tumble dryer and toss all the wool dryer balls in on top, then tumble dry as normal. When your clothes are dry, remove the wool dryer balls from the machine and leave them to air dry in a warm or sunny spot so that they are ready for next time.


As the wool dryer balls age they will begin to pill. The pills actually increase a ball's surface friction, resulting in softer clothes, but you can easily remove the pills if you prefer.



When properly cared for, the wool dryer balls should last 3 to 5 years (depending on how frequently they are used), but when they have outlived their usefulness just cut them into small pieces and add them to your compost heap or green waste collection where they will harmlessly rot down.



100% sheep's wool

3 dryer balls in a cotton bag

Each ball adorned with a cute sheep face

Balls measure 7cm (approx) in diameter

Chemical free

Plastic free

Biodegradable and compostable

Made in Nepal by a WTO fairtrade certified social enterprise



Sheep Dryer Balls


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